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Client Name: The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore

Project: Rosenbloom Owings Mills JCC

Location: Owings Mills, MD

Project Size: 168,575 GSF

Project Completion: December 2017

Project Description

As a pre-approved Retro-Commissioning provider through BGE’s Large Building Tune-Up program, HBS Solutions was able to provide a Turn-Key approach that identified, evaluated, quantified, implemented and verified Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). The ECMs included in this engagement provided improved operational efficiency and resulted in quick returns on investment. Particular attention was focused on low-cost and operational driven savings as core strategies to energy conservation.

The BGE Large Building Tune-Up (LBTU) process involves five phases: the application, preliminary energy study, detailed investigation, implementation and verification phase. Financial incentives are provided through the program that cover up to 75% of the total project costs, with a per project cap of $30,000. 

The investigation phase included a Level I & II ASHRAE Energy Audit. This process provided insight through Hands-On investigation 


Energy Conservation Measures Implemented

  • Optimize HVAC Equipment Operating Schedules
  • Static Pressure Set Point Reset Strategies
  • Heating Hot Water Pumps Sequence Adjustments
  • Improved Reliability of VFD Pumping Control Response 
  • Adjusted Unoccupied Heating Set Points
  • Eliminated Simultaneous Heating & Cooling
  • Adjusted VAV Box CFM Set Points 

Each ECM implemented was monitored through Measurement & Verification procedures in order to measure their effectiveness and document actual Energy Savings. 


Total Cost Share ($)      $10,500
Annual kWh Saved    118,828
Annual Electric Savings        $22,132
Payback Period    .47 years (5.6 Months)  

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